Category Local Dev

Configure Local Environment Using Dotfiles

Automate your local dev configuration in style on a personal, work or any other machine.

Category Raspberry Pi

Configure Local Network for a Raspberry Pi Cluster

Best practices for connecting and configuring a Raspberry Pi cluster to a local network.

Setting Up a Raspberry Pi Cluster

Installation instructions for setting up a local Raspberry Pi cluster at your home desk.

Category Kubernetes

Install Traefik Ingress Controller in Kubernetes

Provide load balancing, SSL termination and name-based virtual hosting on a Kubernetes (k3s) cluster using Traefik ingress controller.

Installing Helm, Kubernetes Package Manager

Learn how to configure the deployment of multiple Kubernetes resources as a single unit using Helm package manager.

Install Certificate Manager Controller in Kubernetes

Automate the process of issuing public key certificates from multiple sources, ensuring they are valid, up to date and renew before expiration.

Install Rancher K3s on Raspberry Pi Cluster

Install a Rancher Labs Kubernetes distribution (k3s) on a Raspberry Pi cluster.

Category Containers

Enabling Kubernetes Dashboard over HTTPS with RBAC Authorization

Installing Kubernetes dashboard and enabling access via ingress controller with role-based access control (RBAC) authorization.